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Choir Director 

Barbara Fleet grew up in Ampthill and from a very young age, enjoyed singing wherever and whenever it was allowed. Her mother would often knock on the door of her bedroom late at night, because Barbara would be singing instead of sleeping, consequently keeping the whole household awake. Music was definitely in the family, as her older relatives had been singers and church organists. She bothered her Grandmother, herself an accomplished singer, with repeated pleas to 'play' her piano and eventually after much badgering, Barbara was allowed to keep the piano and have lessons with a local teacher.

Whilst at school she learned to play the flute and classical guitar and she also took singing lessons. After A levels, Barbara attended Colchester Institute School of Music, where she studied for an honours degree in composing and arranging. After completing a PGCE, Barbara taught classroom Music for 26 years in mainstream education. She regularly composed and arranged music for the students to perform, as well as rehearsing and directing performances by young singers, choirs and instrumental groups. Now, she thoroughly enjoys working with adults instead.

Choir Assistants

Bedfordshire - Ampthill

Christine Watchorn

Magdalena Nichols

Bedfordshire - Bedford

Isabel Binns

Sam Crisp

Hertfordshire - Stevenage

Sue Thomas

Shirley Hoare

Buckinghamshire - Milton Keynes

Gail Searle

Mary Nickoll

Fiona Duffin-Jones